Winter Farrowing January 2015

Published January 8th, 2015 by Meadowbrookadmin

Most difficult thing to do as a pasture raising hogs is winter farrowing. Farrowing is what the birth process is called. We have chosen to keep it simple and true to old school for the time being. So the pigs are kept outside on pasture or a snow field in the winter. Our Farrowing shelter consist of 6 enclosed stalls with open fronts. It seems that the sows always pick the coldest days to give birth. We had a litter on January 1, 2015 and the outside temperature was 15 degrees F. Then they always are consecutive too, 24 hours later another one farrows. 10 degrees F. Burr it was cold. We lost a total of 3 out of 16 piglets. Keep your finger crosses the mamma's keep the babies warm.


Cochon 555 4-24-16

Published April 7th, 2016 by Meadowbrookadmin

On Sunday April 24th, porc lovers will gather at The Loews Chicago Hotel for the 8th annual Cochon555 Tour as it stops in Chicago. This culinary competition features five notable chefs going head-to-head with five heritage breed pigs from nose-to-tail. In addition to the chefs whipping up the most creative dishes to win votes from a hungry audience, Cochon555 features five winemakers, five barkeeps competing with hand-crafted punches, five sommeliers in a smackdown for the best wine of the day, the signature Perfect Manhattan Bar and Mezcal Experience alongside a selection of artisan cheeses with cures, sustainable oysters and the Creekstone tartare bar. New this year is the Ramen and Riesling Bar Pop-Up, the Perfect Margarita Experience with Don Julio Tequila, a festive Tiki Bar with Perfect Puree, Heritage Rum Cart and an amazing tasting of Vermouths. Cochon555 sells a mere 225 tickets to each event so guests can rack up intimate and interactive experiences with notable chefs and artisan producers. Best yet, VIP ticket buyers guests get an additional 60 minutes of flavor-packed action including a tasting of all the punches, reserve wines, bites from chefs and more. Don’t sleep on the best party of the year! There are three events each weekend but if you can only get to one event, make it Cochon555. Tickets to attend events start at $125 per guest (includes beverage pairings, tax and gratuity).